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Madness Everywhere Collab Madness Everywhere Collab

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Just the same old tired shite...

I find it amazing that Madness still gets all this attention these days, since every possible variation on it has been done to death. This flash seemed to me to be a prime example of that.

In terms of creativity, you score low. Sure the Red-Bull thing was slightly original, but everything else was a carbon-copy of every other madness flash ever made. Not that that is even saying much, because every damn one is the same. Someone walks (hobbles really) into a room with weapons, either dual pistols or some variation of gun/sword combo. Occasionally there are lasers. Said person then proceeds to kill X amount of other people, then exits room, possibly to next room of X amount of people to kill.

I'm not saying that senseless violence isn't funny or entertaining sometimes, but when it's been done to death like this, you can't help but feel bored by it all.

Sound quality was poor in places. Although I am aware that that may have been compromised purely to keep filesize under the 10MB limit.

Some of the animation was quite good, others seemed a bit simplistic. I've given you a 4 for that.

I'm not saying this flash is terrible, but it lacks substance. If you keep making flash based on a previous artist's work nothing you do will ever stand out. There is talent here, but a bit of originality would really make any of your work(s) stand out above the shit.

And I know that this review will probably be marked as useless by all the stupid Madness fanboys, but I'm ok with it.

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Jade Does A Dance Jade Does A Dance

Rated 2 / 5 stars


This actually made me chuckle...

I can understand why you're doing it. I don't know how the public are still putting up with all her bullshit. The only solace we can find is that soon she will be gone from our lives. Unfortunately this probably means that some other piece of scum, racist, ugly, moron will rise up through the shit to take her place.

Rant over, back to the flash.

The music is rather entertaining and fit the piece brilliantly. The eclectic use of staccato strings seem to accentuate the movement of Jade in her dance.

The animation is simple, but effective and the drawing gives a truly realistic portrait of Jade's figure. It is a bit of a short loop though, and offers little variation. I know that really isn't the point of the flash, but I feel I should mark you down for it.

TL;DR Cancer is too slow

Sidorio responds:


Butt Fight: Raw Butt Fight: Raw

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I actually rofl'd!

This is brilliant! I burst out laughing as soon as it came up on screen, now my sides hurt. The drawings are simple but that doesn't take anything away from the movie. The fighting action reminds me of those fighting robot things. I think they were called "Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots", but I digress.

Anyway, its simple and great for a laugh.
Obvious space for a sequel: Boob Fight!

Also, I'm expecting lot'sm of abusive reviews on this, so thanks in advance for getting my whistle up.

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Crush the Castle: PP Crush the Castle: PP

Rated 2 / 5 stars

It's amazing...

... that you managed to (brutally I imagine) extract a sequel from what was originally a weak game, both conceptually and in execution.

For a start, the physics are completely erratic. A guy wobbling slightly will be "killed" and yet one who is thrown up in the air will land on the ground without so much as a scratch on his pixely armour. And somehow, hitting the same spot will result in a different outcome each time.

The catapult is awkward to control and nigh-on impossible to judge. You can sometimes get a rough idea of where you are aiming, but for all practical purposes this game relies solely on chance.

Perhaps there would be an element of strategy to it if you didn't have to get nearly every single one in one shot to earn a gold medal.

It seems to me you've prioritised difficulty against entertainment here, I know that challenging games are generally more fun but this just takes the piss. If I wanted to be frustrated I would go to a fashion show and look at all the girls I'll never have sex with.

And what's with all the fucking noises when the level starts? They're just annoying...

Oh yeah, and if you're going to make a walkthrough video for a game, make sure that following your method will produce the same result for someone watching.

In short, to anyone reading this before playing - Don't bother, go play something fun instead.

Lastman Lastman

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's good

Review title says it all. It's good, but nothing too special.

The graphics aren't great, but I don't want to mark you down for that as it fits the style of game perfectly; very reminiscent of the old SMB games... actually I think you've mentioned it as a reference in your description of the game.

The gameplay is fairly standard, fun but again nothing too revolutionary. The difficulty is at a perfect level to provide a decent challenge, but still proves to be fun. The frustration you feel at the countless deaths is actually quite... funny. I get the feeling that it was intentionally made this hard just to annoy people, and somehow that makes the whole thing like one big joke. Reminds me of The Unfair Patformer and I Wanna Be The Guy.

I think the game suffers from the lack of music, a nice wee 8-bit style track would certainly help to pass the time through the inevitable mountain of lives you will lose. What sounds were there, fitted in perfectly.

And then we come to the ads. I played this before you upped the ad count to 20 lives and thought it was extremely intrusivey. I'm all in favour of artists putting ads in their work, but when the gameplay suffers as a result, you start to lose sympathy for them. I think you've found a nice balance now though with 20 lives per ad.

I always find this kind of game hard to score, because you can't really mark people down on graphics or gameplay when they're effectively trying to emulate a past genre/style. Originality is really one of the few areas that this game is lacking hugely, and I feel I must mark you down heavily on this.

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Widescreen Layout Fun Widescreen Layout Fun

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


It's hard to review this seriously as a flash submission, seeing as there is little/no animation involved, no sound, and no voices.

However, when I pressed "wide-screen" I roared with laughter. I feel really bad that I voted zero on this now. It's immature to say the least, but it's synonymous with pretty much all the content on Newgrounds. Cock jokes are those rare things that keep the inner-child in all of us alive.

The cock itself isn't brilliantly drawn, but it's ok. I gave you a 3 here, 2 for the sheer level of laughter it invoked, and 1 for the artwork. Since it was so lacking in all the other usual elements of flash movies it's hard to score it any higher.

I'm surprised I managed to write this much about a picture of a penis. I guess it's a testament to my uncanny ability for writing more than is actually needed.

I urge anyone who views this to press the wide-screen button before they judge this flash. If you still give it a zero, you are dead inside.

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Recent Art Reviews

Fancy Pants brother Fancy Pants brother

Rated 0 / 5 stars


It's a crappy stick-figure in front of what appears to be (after trying to figure out for 5 minutes) some trees. The colours are terrible, the drawing is terrible, the concept is beyond me and what is that bright orange blob supposed to be? The text is hard to make it out, again due to poor colour choice.

I suggest deleting these pictures and submitting something that wasn't made in MSPaint. Any drawings you have (that aren't scribbles), paintings, comics, even some decent computer art. If you have none of these, you should refrain from submitting anything in future.

Have a nice day.

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Megafan2008 responds:

err...your so pointless,so if you hate me,JUST SAY IT MAN!!!!!!!!!

3-D Illusion 3-D Illusion

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Its a cube...

Just a cube...

12 lines...

Drawn in MSpaint...

Not even filled in...

There appears to be a blob...

0 stars...

Megafan2008 responds:

Actually,its an illusion.
it really has the "blob" to mark the area to flips dude,so this review=0 stars

School School

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really good

I really like this. I remember seeing some of Alex Pardee's work a while back, and liking it a lot. The surreal imagery coupled with vibrant colours is quite a good look.

I've marked you down here because the shadows seem slightly inconsistent, but other than that it's brilliant.

After a quick google-check to see that it wasn't nicked, I scouted you. Hope to see more stuff soon.

Bit-Master responds:

It was a failed attempt to make the little hanging box thing towards the top of the book the light source. The shadows make sense if you angle it that way. Perhaps it was the lightness of the background. Oh well, can't hurt to try again later.

Thanks for such an awesome review. :D